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Boîtier programmable Unichip Q+

5" x 3.25" x .875"
The Unichip Version Q

The Unichip is a fully programmable engine management system which channels over 53,000 optimized fuel and ignition parameters through a vehicle's standard Engine Control Unit (ECU) to deliver maximum power, optimized drivability, and improved fuel economy. Unichip is a Piggyback ECU, which works in harmony with the standard ECU. The Unichip is not a simple replacement chip. Unlike other performance "chips," the Unichip is not a pre-programmed "one size fits all" chip. Providing full fuel and timing control, the Unichip can modify anything that the car's original ECU controlled.

The Unichip also allows qualified tuners to make changes, on the dyno, in real-time, creating a custom map just for your car. The Unichip is also re-programmable in your car via a Unichip technician's laptop. Highly developed, reprogrammable piggyback computer that improves engine efficiency, power, and fuel consumption. UNICHIP works with the vast majority of the cars on the road today. If you drive a fuel injected car, chances are we can improve its power, torque and economy with the UNICHIP.

Variable valve timing adjustment
Rev limit adjustment
Boost limit & level adjustment
Dual maps for use with different fuel grades & types
Water Injection
Nitrous oxide progressive injection
Bigger/supplementary injector handling
Variable induction control
Launch control for turbo vehicles
Full throttle gear changes
Road speed limiter removal
Speedo conversion for imports
Shift light
Idle speed stabilisation